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"Motherhood", 14x11", acrylic on stretched canvas, 2015, $65. This is the first time I've drawn, let alone painted, a dragon in my life. I was just looking for something different. And mothers are fierce and protective and beautiful and complicated and full of love which may not be readily seen (note: the pattern on the body is upside-down hearts).

Athena, 11"x14" on stretched canvas, 2012, $65
Athena is my favorite of the Greek gods and goddesses. She's the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, the arts, etc. etc. and is believed by some to have been an owl.

Sweet 'n' Low, 16"x20" on stretched canvas, 2011, $95

"One Crazy Summer", 16x20, stretched canvas, 2010, $95

"Be Like the Turtle," 12"x9" on stretched canvas, 2010, $45
This piece came along rather slowly, starting out rather plain (just green puzzle pieces and bottle caps) on a blue and white striped background. As time went on, step by step it began to get more complicated. I ended up with some odd space on the canvas (I had to use a 9”x12” panel because an 8”x10” wouldn’t contain the turtle). So I looked up quotes about turtles and thought the one I found was perfect -- the turtle may not look like others, but he’s okay with it (I took the phrase “at home in its own shell” more figuratively than literally).

"Baby Elephant Walk," 10"x8" on stretched canvas, 2010, $45
I named this after the Henry Mancini song of the ‘60s. I remember my dad playing the song on an album in the living room while my best friend and I laughed so hard we were crying. Hey, we were 12; girls that age can find even the most random things hilarious.


"King," 11"x14" on stretched canvas, 2010, $65
My oldest daughter loves loves loves lions, so I made this with her in mind. My first attempts looked nothing like a lion. Nothing. Then I looked for cartoon images of lions on the Internet to see what I was doing wrong. Very helpful! I still struggled a bit, especially on the eyes. And the tail; I didn’t want it to take all the attention. After all, it’s just a tail. Funny thing: originally I thought the lion would be just a face, placed horizontally in front of the green and brown vertical stripes (the stripes were supposed to symbolize trees and jungle). I had to turn the piece vertically (and it ended up being a whole lion, albeit with a very small body!) so the stripes are now just a design element.

, 8"x8" on stretched canvas, 2010, $40
I had bought a huge grab bag of nearly useless “stuff” which included lots and lots and lots of leather-making supplies. I asked around; no one wanted them. I thought there had to be something I could think of to do with them. Then I had it: a porcupine! And don’t we all know a person who’s like that -- you know, a bit, well, prickly?


"Kaleidoscope Turtle", on laminate sample, $12


 "Turtle", acrylic and found objects on ceiling tile sample, 2013, $13

*"I mate for life", 8"x10" on canvas panel, framed, 2011, $75

*"Saturday Afternoon", 11x14 original acrylic painting on canvas board with painted frame, 2003, $95
This is a fun piece, which to me looks like a cat spending "Saturday Afternoon" staring at the fish in an aquarium. I actually painted fish on the white frame as well for the original piece. I love to look at the interplay of the colors and the texture.

"Kitty", 5.5"x10.5" on a ceiling sample, acrylic paint, 2012


"I talk with the moon", 24"x20", acrylic paint with found objects on plywood, 2012

Guardians of the Night, 16"x20" on stretched canvas, 2010
This piece was inspired, simply enough, by looking at two old CDs and thinking they looked like the eyes of an owl.

Monkey Shines, 16"x20" on stretched canvas, 2011

"A Friend of Mine," 14"x18" on stretched canvas, 2010
"Love Connection," 11"x14" on canvas board, framed, 2010

"Hoot," 11"x14" on stretched canvas, 2011

"Dayton", 5"x5" on a ceiling sample, acrylic paint and "found" items, 2012

Step Lively, 7"x5" on canvas board, framed, 2011

"Flip", 6"x8" on a ceiling sample, acrylic paint and "found" items, 2012

"Night Owl", acrylic paint on laminate sample

*"Poochie", 8x10 original acrylic painting on canvas board, 2003
I love the shades of brown and purple, the heavy texture and the expression on the dog's face. Haven't we all been in the doghouse like "Poochie"?? 

*"Mister Mister", 8"x10" on canvas panel, framed, 2010

*"Funky Chicken", 8x10 original acrylic painting on canvas board, 2003, Private Collection (prints only)
This piece was commissioned by a woman who wanted a painting of a chicken in my style for her mom. On the first go-round I had a pretty traditional white and red chicken. But I couldn't let it go at that, because it wasn't funky at all. Out came all the colors, and voila, funky. I really love this piece. The mother, on the other hand, didn't! But the woman who commissioned it did, so now it's in her house!

SOLD "Those Eyes", ceiling sample, acrylic paint and "found" items, 2012

"The Caterpillars Three," 24"x18" on stretched canvas, 2010, 
The white plastic lids to yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. inspired me to create a caterpillar from them. Once I laid it out, however, it didn't work for me. So I played around with items until I came up with this whimsical piece.


"Parenthood", 14"x11" acrylic paint on stretched canvas, 2015, My second, and probably last, dragon painting. The first one was "Motherhood"; this one is "Parenthood" as you have two creatures, vigilant, keenly aware of all the obstacles (the background) that parents face.



"Valentine", 2011, acrylic on 10x11-3/4", a painting of one of my children's favorite stuffed animals (at the time)


"Parey", 2011, acrylic on 10x11-3/4", a painting of one of my children's favorite stuffed animals (at the time)


"Pepper (the best dog ever)", acrylic on 12"x12" stretched canvas, 2015


"Red-eyed Tree Frog", acrylic on stretched canvas, 2015


"Toucan (La Paz Gardens, Costa Rica)", acrylic on 10"x8" stretched canvas, 2015

Collaborations with my youngest daughter


"Anastasia", acrylic on 8"x8" stretched canvas, collaboration with my youngest daughter, 2014


"Beatrice", acrylic on 8"x8" stretched canvas, collaboration with my youngest daughter, 2014


"Carmella", acrylic on 8"x8" stretched canvas, collaboration with my youngest daughter, 2014

"Duncan", acrylic on 8"x8" stretched canvas, collaboration with my youngest daughter, 2014

"No hopper", acrylic on 8"x8" stretched canvas, collaboration with my youngest daughter, 2014