Works of Art by Cari Miller
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"Wildflowers", acrylic on wood, 2014, $40


"Frolic", acrylic on 16"x20" stretched canvas, 2014, $95


"Summer Storm", 8"x8", acrylic on stretched canvas, 2014, $35

"Who speaks for the trees", 11"x14", on stretched canvas, $45

"Ansel Dreams in Color", 8x10 original acrylic painting with found objects on stretched canvas, 2011, $50
The amazing Ansel Adams was known for photographing the Western landscape in black and white. But do you think he dreamt in color?

"Winter Winds", 14x11 original acrylic painting with found objects on stretched canvas, 2011, $65


"Waiting for you", 9x12 original acrylic painting on canvas board, 2011, framed, $60

"Kansas", 16x20 original acrylic painting on canvas board, 2003, framed, $150
This painting was modeled after a photo I took of a sunflower in Washington D.C. I felt I needed to prove I could paint "realistically". The majority of the painting is smooth but I felt it was kind of boring, so I made the center of the sunflower a highly-textured bumpy thing which is everyone's favorite part of the painting!! 

*"Freedom", 18x14 original acrylic painting on canvas board, 2003, $65, framed
This began as a butterfly on a green background. It seemed pretty boring. Then I kind of let myself go with different shapes and colors in the background, which to me looked kind of like abstract plants and flowers. I named it "Freedom" because to me, a butterfly, once it emerges from the chrysalis, is free to begin a new life as this almost completely different creature.


"March of the Sunflowers", 8"x10", on stretched canvas

"Turbulence", 9x13 original acrylic painting on paper, 2003, Private Collection (prints only)
This painting was based on the same sunflower photographed in Washington D.C. as "Kansas". There's definitely a very different feel to it! I love the swirly colors that to me really evoke the feeling of "turbulence" that many of us often feel.

"Tropical Dreams", 16x20 original acrylic painting on canvas board, 2002, Private Collection (prints only)
This piece was commissioned by someone who liked "Night and Day" and wanted something similar. The person was an avid golfer so this painting was first the silhouette of a golfer with the setting sun behind him. I didn't like it at all, so I changed it into a palm tree. This is another "paint dot" piece, and. I feel like when you look at it you can get lost in the scene.
*"Scenes from a French Countryside", 10x8 original acrylic painting on canvas board, 2003, $105, framed
This piece was based on a photo I had taken in the summer of 2000. I remember thinking at the time, as my husband and I bicycled through the picture-perfect scenery, that I now understood why Van Gogh and Monet had painted haystacks so often – they were spectacular. So this painting was my homage to these great artists and their

"Spirit of Autumn", 11x14 original acrylic painting with found objects on stretched canvas, 2011

"Summer Symphony", 6x6 original acrylic painting with found objects on ceiling tile sample, 2012

"Spring Fling", 8x10 original acrylic painting on canvas board, 2008, framed
I wanted to create a bright and colorful painting celebrating one of the greatest joys of spring - flowers. The black swirls and other designs added some fun to the piece and made it seem like the flowers were as happy to see spring as the rest of us!

"Red Flower, Deconstructed", 10"x8" stretched canvas, 2015

"Happy", 20"x16", acrylic on stretched canvas, 2014
"Rome, Springtime" (NFS), 2001, acrylic on canvas board